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Due to its role as a Recon support vehicle for infantry air drops, the Wiesel only utilizes 8mm of sloped steel, offering some resistance to small arms fire. You can revoke access when finished. Once logged in, come back to this area and there will be a link to banish you.

SUPER FAST German Military armoured fighting vehicle

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The Wiesel 1 air-transportable armoured weapon carrier was developed to meet the requirements of the German Army by Porsche as a replacement for the Faun Kraka — a small four-wheel drive buggy used by the German airborne forces for general load carrying and as a weapons platform. Although the German Army took delivery of Wiesel 1 between and , in early it had a total of vehicles on strength, armed with the Raytheon Systems Company TOW anti-tank guided missile system and armed with the Rheinmetall 20 mm cannon.

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Several Wiesel 1 armoured weapon carriers, in both 20 mm and TOW configuration, were deployed by Germany to Somalia as part of United Nations forces in In addition to the Wiesel 1, MaK has more recently developed the multi-purpose carrier Wiesel 2 which has an extended chassis with one more wheel station and nearly double the internal volume. It therefore offers a much wider range of roles and missions. The hull is of all-welded steel construction providing the crew with protection from 7.

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The driver sits at the front of the vehicle on the right and has three periscopes for observation to the front and sides; the centre one can be replaced by a passive periscope for night driving. The engine, which is a standard Volkswagen production model, is to the left of the driver with an access hatch in the glacis plate. The engine drives via a three-speed ZF automatic transmission and a Porsche two-speed reduction gear with integrated Cletrac steering gear.

The complete power pack can be removed and replaced in ten minutes.

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Suspension consists of three dual road wheels, drive sprocket at the front, idler at the rear and one track-return roller. A Belleville spring assembly automatically provides track tension when the vehicle is travelling. The track was originally an endless rubber band with wire reinforcements. To replace this, the German company Diehl developed a new, more conventional track with separate links called the Type Wiesel 1 is air-transportable in a variety of aircraft. For example, two can be carried internally in a CHG helicopter or one underslung.

Seven missiles are carried, of which two are for ready use.

Waffenträger "Wiesel 1" + 2 cm MK BW (HER ) - Modellbahn-Alstertal

This model has a crew of three — driver, gunner and loader. As a result, this is not a new kit but it has been brought up-to-date with the addition of few new parts and decals.

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The most notable difference are the tracks. The kits had the original continuous rubber-band tracks literally. These had a reputation for being very tricky to fit and also very tight. This new kit represents the more modern Diehl tracks, as described above. This also involves a new pair of sprockets.

The new track is made from more friendly soft plastic without holes and pins which can, apparently, be glued with conventional polystyrene cement. The other differences are relatively minor. These were originally developed in the field, but have since become official factory fits. Wiesel 1A2 TOW is upgraded further with a battlefield information, command and control system which is basically a computer suite with a GPS antenna.

A dome-shaped digital wireless antenna is mounted on the left side of the glacis plate. I have highlighted the new parts in red on the sprue shots. The box itself is three-quarters the size of the original kit but it packs in more sprues! The instructions are more glossy than the original. The 22 stages of construction are pretty much the same as the original as you might expect. First comes the hull tub. There are two problems here.

One is present either side where vertical sink marks appear on the hull side These were present on the original releases and, surprisingly, they are still here. The other problem is the fluting under the hull floor. This should be recessed upwards into the floor, and not ribbed as it is depicted. However, how many people actually look at the underside of the hull when the model is finished? The TOW version has a partial interior and I was hoping that the new version might improve on the original.

Wiesel AWC

The biggest problem is the total lack of an engine compartment wall. It is still lacking one. The instructions cover the interior in the first three stages along with adding the rear plate to the main hull tub. Colour call-outs are included for the various bits of interior equipment. Eduard do an etch set 35 which was designed for the old kit but will, of course, still work with the re-release. To fill out the interior a little, this etch set has some additional interior fittings but no walls , so this is worth considering.