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Excellent writing and exciting happenings complete the story, which you will never forget. Tanya is scheduled for the choosing ceremony, which only happens every one-hundred years, so that she has a shot at getting chosen by one of the vampire kings. The only problem is that she does not want to go. However, once she gets there, she gets chosen by King Brant, much to her surprise, and she immediately begins to come up with ways to get out of the arrangement. The problem is that Kat is a mortal woman whom every vampire in town wants to drain. He then decides to do something that might not be very smart; he decides to protect her from the vampires in town.

Flirting with death is always tempting, as this vampire-mortal relationship will prove to the readers. She decides to accept her fate and take the throne, and her kingdom is rife with chaos, murder, and all sorts of danger. She tries to forget about her relationship with Rhyland and concentrate on making her kingdom a little better, but things get complicated when she discovers that Rhyland might be more difficult to handle than she expected, in more ways than one.

Andre is a nightwalker whose job is to watch out for the monsters that threaten his world, and he and Mare start up a relationship. A love story involving two different people in two different worlds. And between vampires, supernatural beings, and shifters, not to mention their growing relationship, things are about to get very complicated for the two of them.

Elspeth is an immortal who is enjoying true freedom for the first time after leaving her home and branching out on her own. She is after a fling, not a soulmate.

At least not until she enjoys some of that freedom that she has been craving all these years. When she meets Wyatt, however, she realizes that he could be both a fling and a soulmate. Wyatt remembers her from the past, although Elspeth has forgotten the incident. Desdemona is a vampire and Vegas performer with no interest in a love life, in part because she has had her heart broken in the past.

Julian is smitten with her the first time that he sees her on stage, and after a wild night on the town, the two end up married. Julian is happy with the arrangement, but Desdemona is not. Ellie has a hurtful past and is now captive to a vampire, and Wraith has come back after a long absence, but remembers nothing about his past. Ellie has been taught to hate vampires, but Wraith seems different. When an assassin sets his sights on Ellie, can Wraith find it in his heart to save her?

A story of love, lust, and meeting your destiny with pride. Cat is a New Yorker who is riding the subway one day and runs into a vampire. Simon survives a very bad attack and is weaker than normal, so he hires a bodyguard as he goes after the mastermind of the attack. Tempers flare when the two meet, and then something amazing happens. But can they work past their differences and work together, or will Cody lose the ability to protect the man he is supposed to protect?

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Being immortal can be difficult. When her immortality is about to be permanent, secrets are revealed, and she has to get her act together fast.

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Otherwise, it will be a happy day for those who wish to see her demise. Abigail takes a job in the real world after being tossed out of her coven, but she soon notices some strange goings-on with the CEO at her company. He has women coming in and out of his office at all times, and he is more than a bit mysterious. Pallas was a much-feared vampire who is now running a boot camp for misfit werewolves. Everything is going well until a body is found drained of blood, and he becomes the main suspect.

His goal then becomes to convince the sheriff, whom he secretly loves, that he is innocent. But she is not convinced at first, so Pallas begins a quest for prove to her that she is wrong about him. Lucy is a vampire and a tattoo artist with a special talent, drawing other vampires and making it stick. All Lucy wants is to go back into her coffin and forget about the world, but her life goes in another direction instead, forcing her into a world that shatters her peaceful life and makes her wonder if it will ever return to normal again. Ethan has been plagued with the intense desire to kill for as long as he can remember, and when he escapes to Bermuda for some down time, he hopes that he can squash that desire.

There, he meets Emma, with whom he is immediately smitten. But to do this, his dark side may very well come out, and he is beginning to wonder if this will make everything worth it in the end. Ariana is chosen to be trained by The Fort so that she can protect four devilishly handsome vampire princes. She is even expected to sacrifice her life to do this if she should get the call, but instead of being angry, Ariana is secretly thrilled.

She finds that each of the princes has his own attributes that she is attracted to, and the only challenge in her life seems to be deciding between the four of them, and making the right decision in the end.

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This book is filled with mystery, romance, and a whole lot more, as you are taken back to the Shadians and are introduced to both new and familiar characters whom you will love. Although some of the characters are the same as in her other books, the storyline is always new and exciting. Follow their stories, regardless of whether they are antagonists or protagonists, heroes or villains because each story will have you wanting more, whether this is your first Bella Forrest novel or your tenth. Ariana is a psychic who goes undercover as a singer in a Nashville bar known to be frequented by vampires and which has experienced more than its share of murders.

She ends up with a handsome boss named Quil, who is there to help her break the case, but sparks fly as soon as the two meet, and she starts to wonder if the case can be solved with their hearts intact before the killer strikes again. The book is intense, sexy, and exciting. Blaxton is a vampire murdered by his brother and who preys on the people he was once in charge of protecting.

Eventually, he is emotionless and without feeling, but that all changes eight-hundred years later, when he meets Harriet. While exploring the secrets of the castle where she lives, Harriet finds Blaxton, whom she then considers the love of her life. When her life suddenly becomes endangered, Blaxton steps in to protect her. Instead, she goes to Claret, a vampire bar, and lets Arik take a bite out of her.

What will happen first? Will she be saved by Arik so that they can become soulmates, or will his blood-child get to her first and cause her demise? Claire is a beautiful and successful lawyer who finds herself being kept captive by a dark vampire who becomes completely obsessed with her. In fact, this vampire is even willing to put aside his lust for blood if he can have this woman.

He goes on a quest to try to convince her that if she gives him her body and her soul, he will make sure that she never wants for anything. A lively, sexy story that you will not soon forget. Shelley White - Historical / Genre Fiction: Books

When she meets Jacen, the vampire prince, sparks fly and they are immediately smitten with one another. She uses this to her advantage because she thinks that it will increase the odds of her escaping the castle. In fact, if Jacen can turn her into a vampire, she might just have the strength to finally escape and go back home.

She wants to become his bride, primarily so that she can kill Laila, the vampire queen, and set all of the human blood slaves free. After wolves attack and leave a trail of dead vampires, it becomes obvious that someone on the inside is helping them. At first, everyone is a suspect, but in the end, only one of them will be unable to make it out alive. Jayden wants to commit suicide because her special powers have caused her to lose almost everything in her life. When she meets an incredibly handsome vampire ready to make a kill, she asks that he take her instead.

The Secret Woman

Razvan is suddenly interested in her because of her willingness to die for him, but what he wants most from her are her powers. Dante tries to control his urges, but it becomes difficult because he has just escaped from the captivity that held him prisoner for years. Which one of them will win in the end, or will it be both of them? When Bryn dreams that her entire family is killed, she awakes and believes that it is actually a premonition and not just a dream.

When she meets sexy Dureau, she has to remind herself that she has sworn off men, but between this new stranger and Sinjin, a man who has already shown an interest in her, what is she to do? And how does her dream and the arrival of Dureau play into these scenarios? This is an exciting, fast-paced novel that centers on the story between Ronan, a vampire who has landed in a world where vampires are hidden and where evil still exists, and Faith, the woman he finds after seeing her in his dreams for centuries.

Of course, the evil is about to touch both of them, and their attraction to one another might night be enough to thwart it. This novel is sexy, action-filled, hot, and fast, from the first page to the last. Kayla and Zak, her vampire lover, have a sometimes passionate, sometimes tumultuous relationship. They are both stubborn and determined not to let the other one get to them, but that is looking more and more impossible to do. This is a funny, sexy story that gives you a lot to look forward to, and regardless of what happens in their relationship, it is certain to leave you wanting more.

When Raffaele pulls a half-dressed woman out of the ocean, he is immediately smitten with her. Jess is a target of the rogue vampires who are going around biting tourists, but until then, she never even believed in vampires. Trixie knows that magic is real and shifters really do exist. She thinks that he has a few loose screws in his head, while he is trying to figure out how she can be so beautiful.

She is intent on making his eternity a true hell, until they discover that they have a common enemy, which changes things more than either of them is ready for. Samantha is a PI with a magic sword and a case that involves finding her elusive attacker.

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When a woman trusts her future to a vampire, she has a difficult choice to make. When a vampire comes along and promises to give her back the life she once had, she has to accept the fact that this aloof vampire may be her only way out of her predicament, or is he? But when the vampires decide to build up their family again, Kristian is forced to believe that bringing Tessa back will be detrimental to the group, and when he finds out that they know where Tessa is, he decides to try to protect her, even though that can mean betrayal to the rest of the vampires.

But how can he stay away from her, when all he does is think of her day in and day out? When he meets her, he is immediately attracted to her, but since she is naturally wary of vampires, she looks the other way. When Roric finds out that her attacker wants her, too, he decides to fight even harder to get her for his own.

If you like steamy tension and sexy vampires, this book will not disappoint. When he finally goes to locate her and bring her back, sparks fly immediately, but can their relationship withstand these strong love-hate feelings between them? Amelie is from a family filled with slayers who are constantly venturing out to slay the evil.

Ethen is smitten with Amelie, and she tries not to return those feelings, mainly because she has been taught not to trust vampires, but she needs his help to save her best friend, so she does what must be done.