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As a multifaceted individual, Kulky is more than just a psychologist. She is also an amateur podcaster, improv enthusiast, and aspiring femme drag queen.

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Additionally, she has experienced the transformative power of applying mindfulness self-compassion, gratitude, and positive affirmations to her own life, and she understands the courage it takes to step into her own light and power for living a meaningful and authentic life. Melissa is passionate about how psychotherapy can contribute to healing and to improving the quality of life of individuals, relationships, and communities.

From this starting point, a collaborative relationship in which a client makes empowered decisions about change directs the course of psychotherapy. Melissa has experience working with people who want support or to make changes related to depression and anxiety, trauma- and stress-related concerns, relationship concerns, adjustment, grief and loss, minority stress, and sexual, gender, and other identity-related concerns. She is passionate about working with LGBTQIA clients and is an advocate to those who are exploring gender identity, including transition support.

Melissa is Kink-Aware and affirming of the diverse ways people know themselves in relationships and identities, including in consensual non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships. Melissa earned her Ph. In addition to psychotherapy, Melissa works as a college instructor and mentors students to create empowering contexts for growth and learning.

Aware of how powerfully well-being is influenced by broader social and legal contexts, Melissa also advocates for public policy and cultural change. Mindful of the many ways social institutions and structures impact individual mental health and well-being, Whitney is passionate about creating safe spaces and opportunities for people of all identities to deepen and expand their understanding of themselves. Whitney enjoys working with adolescents, emerging adults, and adults, and has interests in identity development, family of origin issues, and complex trauma. She has received clinical training in a variety of therapeutic settings including an adolescent residential facility, a university counseling center, and a community mental health clinic.

She is committed to providing affirming services to those of marginalized identities and communities including people of color and LGBTQIA folks. She has specialized training and experience supporting survivors of trauma as well as in offering support and consultation to the legal teams and other professionals supporting such survivors.

Katie also has specialized training in understanding how biological, psychological, behavioral, and cultural factors contribute to physical health, chronic illness, stress and healing. Katie believes the body and mind are influenced by trauma and disease and is passionate about uncovering the unique path to healing and health with the people she works alongside. Radha has experience working with children, youth, and adults. Radha continued working with Ozone House after her internship, as a Youth Specialist.

She worked with adults experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, domestic violence, and emotional and financial stress. Radha comes from a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic background and she is passionate about social justice. Radha integrates feminist, interpersonal, humanistic, and strength-based approaches when working with clients.

She often uses cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques when appropriate.

Exploring Holistic Healing for Chronic Illness

Radha enjoys working with individuals who also want to focus on their mind, body, and overall wellness. During her seven years at Ozone House Youth and Family Services in Ann Arbor, she provided empathy, advocacy, individual and group therapy to a socioeconomically and culturally diverse population of youth, young adults, and families. This program exists to alleviate barriers to achieving a college degree for students that have experienced foster care or homelessness. She has completed the Gottman Level I training for relationship counseling.

She has also completed substantial additional training in multicultural counseling strategies, and with supporting clients as they explore gender identity, both individually and in the context of their relationships.

See a Problem?

Sarah has made a life-long commitment to working against social injustice of all types. She is particularly passionate about participating in anti-racist communities, and about advocating for social justice for the LGBTQQ community. She has sought additional education for working with clients in polyamorous relationships.

Health Promotion by Physical Therapists

She is also a kink-aware counselor. Sarah's approach to counseling is centered in her commitment to social justice. Her orientation is person-centered; this approach empowers clients to take the lead in their own therapeutic work. Sarah also uses techniques and strategies from a variety of theoretical approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and existential therapy.

Sarah has experience working with clients who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, anger issues, and addiction. This perspective is shaped by a passion for social justice and being an advocate for her clients as well as a support as they experience what can be difficult change. Her clinical perspective is informed by a combination of feminist and cognitive behavioral CBT approaches. Her research interests include: group dynamics, racial identity development and prosocial intergroup behavior among racially disparate groups.

She has over eight years of clinical experience working with children, young adults, adults, older adults, and families in the southeastern Michigan area. Her clients have had diverse backgrounds in regards to socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.

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  • Danielle believes strongly in empowering people to live their most authentic life. Social activism is another passion for Danielle. The nature of her work is holistic and vitalistic, rooted in the healing power of nature. In her consultative practice, Diana compassionately holds a space of empowerment through information, resources, and natural medicine modalities.

    Her practice is trauma-informed with a healing justice lens, grounded in intersectional feminism. Quinn maintains a naturopathic license in the state of Vermont. Due to the lack of licensing naturopathic medicine in the state of Michigan, she is unable to provide primary care or accept insurance, but she offers a sliding scale in effort to increase access to holistic medicine for those who seek it.

    Dave also worked as a family therapist at Ozone House providing strengths-based therapy services to children, adolescents, young adults and their families.


    He believes therapy must be a safe space for clients to explore issues while acknowledging and affirming all of their intersecting identities. Myra possesses a critical understanding of the social forces creating multiple barriers for individuals with intersecting marginalized identities. Myra approaches therapy from a client-centered, strengths-based, multi-cultural feminist approach.

    Myra enjoys integrating mindfulness and meditation techniques, as well as journaling and other forms of creative expression, into the therapeutic process. She also is a Licensed Professional Counselor and generalist psychotherapist who provides counseling services to adults across a spectrum of cultural difference. She practices within an explicitly feminist-multicultural framework and uses an integrative model that privileges interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, ACT, and mindfulness-based interventions.


    Health-Related Issues In Therapy - Tribeca Therapy

    As a feminist therapist, she works collaboratively with clients to develop practical skills for alleviating current distress while also addressing underlying social, emotional, and relational factors that might get and keep them stuck. She earned her M. Her academic training centers on the sociology of mental health and illness, disability studies, and the psychological effects of social stigma and discrimination.

    Her non-clinical professional work includes research consultation, teaching, and mental health-related measurement and evaluation. Jared works diligently to establish a meaningful, connected, and attuned therapeutic relationship to ensure that clients feel comfortable, heard, and understood during sessions. He attempts to cultivate an environment of safety and empathy where clients can explore problems, understand their emotional life and pain, process and heal from trauma, and make necessary changes to build more fulfilling and authentic lives.

    Jared earned his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan in , with a concentration in clinical social work and a specialization in mental health. He completed his social work field training at the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry adult outpatient clinic where he was staffed on the Depressive Disorders Clinic. During this program he received extensive clinical training in evidence-based interventions. He also maintains a strong passion for and dedication to anti-oppressive, feminist, and social justice-oriented approaches within psychotherapy.

    Before pursuing graduate training, Jared worked full-time as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and abuse at a community-based rape crisis center. Camille understands the importance of a strong client-therapist bond. She seeks to create a space that leaves her clients feeling: supported, heard, and dignified. It is through this foundation, that real healing can begin.

    The Psychology of Beating an Incurable Illness - Bob Cafaro - TEDxCharlottesville

    Camille believes that people of all backgrounds and diagnoses deserve mental health services that are both high quality and affordable. As a clinical social worker, Camille seeks to understand how privilege, oppression, and policy affect mental well-being, and more importantly, how to live in a world that is fair and equitable for all. Camille believes that global change can occur only if we as individuals seek to change ourselves first.

    Camille has previously worked at a domestic violence shelter, youth shelter, and in community mental health. He then took an opportunity to work with a medical school in the Caribbean and moved to the Commonwealth of Dominica. There he worked as an administrator managing issues related to student conduct, conflict resolution, sexual misconduct, critical incident management and disability services. Returning to his hometown of Ann Arbor in late he joined the team at Integrative Empowerment Group.

    He follows strengths based, person centered, feminist oriented ideals and is guided by a sense of cultural and personal sensitivity to the diverse backgrounds and life experiences each person carries with them. He has experience with clients working on a variety of challenges related to depression, anxiety, trauma, stress management, relationships issues, loss, employment, life changes, and overcoming barriers to personal success. She is trauma-responsive and works with issues related to depression, anxiety, spirituality, domestic violence, communication, relationships, parenting, and grief.

    Amanda believes life is a journey and is passionate about working with those who seek to live authentic and empowered lives. Her roots are in depth psychology. Along with a feminist and multicultural approach, she also practices from an attachment approach, understanding that we all have baggage from our family of origin and significant experiences during childhood.

    Throughout her counseling journey, Coryanna has had the invaluable experience of working with individuals and families of diverse backgrounds and needs, including, but not limited to, LGBTQIA individuals and parents, individuals and families of various ethnicities, religions, legal status, and non-traditional families with single parents, no parents, or other family members stepping up to be the parent s.

    Coryanna works to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for each session that is free from judgment.

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    • Coryanna is poly and kink aware, trained and certified in many evidence-based practices. Starting from an intersectional feminist and humanistic framework, Quinn collaborates with clients seeking healing and personal empowerment using a variety of approaches. She is passionate about working with people who experience intersections of oppression based on race, class, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, ability, age, religion, and immigration status. She has four years of experience supporting people who have experienced homelessness and housing instability at Avalon Housing.