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Science and Religion A Very Short Introduction

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List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. Stock Image. Published by OUP Oxford, Used Condition: As New Soft cover. Even more surprising was this statement in the book :.

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From what I know, Protestantism was a liberal form of Christianity which came into being because of the conservative orthodoxy of the Roman Catholic Church. Now it looks like the old liberal Protestantism is the new conservative form of Christianity! How much things can change in a few centuries! To a layman like me, it looks like the ID movement is in support of religion.

But it was interesting to read about the thoughts of religious leaders on ID. Here is what the book says about it :.

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I found the comment by the director of the Vatican Observatory, especially interesting. I found it quite interesting and odd too — that evolutionists and the Roman Catholic Church are on the same side! Science vs Evolution Debate in India. Here is what the book says :.

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I found it an interesting thing to ponder about. Evolution is there is all biology textbooks and is taught is more-or-less all schools.

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But India is also an extremely religious country. How do normal people handle this contradiction? From what I have seen, children learn about evolution in schools, and it is understood that it is important to learn this to pass the biology course, get good marks, get into a good college and have a good career. At home, in most cases, children follow the religion of their parents, believe that God or gods created human beings and evolution is not true and follow the moral code prescribed by their religions.

They are kept in independent compartments inside the mind. When some intelligent, tricky children who are troubled by such questions, ask their parents to resolve the contradiction, the topic of discussion is typically changed or the children are warned to not talk about it. Some intelligent parents do something smart — they say that evolution and creation by God are consistent and not contradictory.

They say that God created the initial conditions and the laws of evolution and other laws of science and initiated the big bang and then sat back and watched his work unfold. I had an interesting experience in school. I studied in a Christian school Seventh Day Adventist for many years.

No questions were also asked from that topic in the exam! There were some interesting facts mentioned in the book, on which I am hoping to do further research. Some of the interesting ones are :. I have a few complaints about the book. I found the book quite interesting. It gives an interesting introduction to the Science vs Religion debate and inspires the reader to explore the topic further. Towards the end of the book Dixon says this :. Very true lines.

There is not one shred of evidence for the idea that a supernatural god fairy created the initial conditions for evolution or any other natural process. Interesting review! Glad to know that you liked the review and found the book interesting. I agree with you that people on both camps try to sell things and many times talk in a strident tone. Seems like a really thought-provoking book! First I view world religions, institutionalized religions as a method of supressing women.

Second one of the basis of religion is view that there is life after death, I do not believe in this. Makes me appreciate life more.

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Third, the creationist view that God formed life and evolution never took place seems scary to me. Also I really am in favor of a clear seperation between politics and religion. Nice to know that you liked the review. Your thoughts on the topic are quite interesting. I agree with you on the first one — institutionalized religions did suppress women in different ways or gave them a not-so-equal role in the scheme of things. Things may be changing today, but that is how it started. I also agree with your view that it is better to appreciate life now. This was really interesting.

But I like finding common ground between science and religion because I believe in science completely. I want to read this book now. It was extremely well written and I keep trying to get others to read it. Nice to know that you liked the review and also find this book interesting.

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It was also nice to know that the Vatican has moved on with the times and is more liberal than it has been given credit. This book seeks to heal the schism in thought between science and religion. It fails because it ignores the profound absurdity of the Abrahamic belief systems at their fundamental base.

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This mystical nonsense is utterly opposed to any serious intellectual argument, so how can this book wriggle out of this basic point? Science is based on a continuing examination of fundamentals; religion is based on a series of fixed fundamentals.