Guide Russian M44 Carbine Takedown Guide

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Related Products. Drift out the follower pin and follower carrier pin. The follower carrier spring is screwed to the floorplate. The follower spring can be removed from the follower carrier by lifting up and back.

Step 1: Completely Disassemble the Rifle

Drift out the rear sight leaf pin and lift the rear sight leaf spring out of the rear sight base. Remove the rear sight slide from the leaf and pull the buttons and their springs out each side. Drift out the rear sight base pins and drift the rear sight base forward off of the dovetail.

Making a Greasy Chinese Type 53 Carbine into a Shooter in 5 Not-So-Easy Steps

Drift the front sight off of it's base. The barrel band can now be removed from the barrel. Note: The front sight base is staked to hold the sight in place. It should only be removed if necessary. Drift the extractor out the back of the bolt head.

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Note: Removal of the extractor is seldom necessary and there is a risk of damaging it. If it is necessary, a drop of penetrating oil beforehand is recommended. Reassembly Reassemble the rifle in the reverse order of disassembly taking note of the following:. When replacing the action in the stock tighten the magazine tang screw and receiver tang screw evenly and securely. Loose action screws are a common cause of inaccuracy.

Below are the exceptions to the above instructions for all other commonly encountered models of Mosins. Rear sight same as M The screw is staked on the opposite end and can be difficult to loosen.

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The bayonet lug and front sight base are integral and held on by two pins. Removal is not recommended. Some Finnish long rifle barrel bands are retained by a pin which goes completely through the band and stock. It must be drifted out before removing the band in the same way as the Russian M Note: The pin can be delicate and should be removed with care only when necessary. Some Finnish long rifle barrel bands are retained by a small wood screw into the stock just forward of the band.

It must be removed before removing the band in the same way as the Russian M Some Finnish long rifles use metal sling hangers in place of the dog collars and they must be removed before removing the rear barrel band. The screw passes through the stock and threads into the opposite side of the hanger. The rear hanger is attached in the same way but is larger.

Finnish M27 Rear sight same as Russian M Some M27s have a sling swivel through the front slot. It must be removed before removing the rear barrel band. Some M27s have a rear sling swivel that is held in place by two wood screws.

Mosin Nagant Carbine Comparison

The M27 nosecap has a transverse and longitudinal bolt. Remove these to hinge the top of the cap open and slide it forward off the stock. Some nosecaps have extensions to the rear that contain the transverse bolt.

The rear barrel band is retained by a transverse bolt. The front sight is soldered in place and cannot be removed without heating it. Finnish M28 Rear sight same as Russian M Front sight similar to M The M28 nosecap has a transverse bolt that is removed to slide the nose cap forward off the stock.


Some nose caps have a seperate front plate that is attached to the stock by two wood screws. The nosecap will not come off over the front sight. Nose cap similar to M The slide is removable from the leaf by removing the leaf from the base. The slide buttons are retained by pins.

Mosin Nagant Rifle Exploded Views and Disassembly

The screws are removed counterclockwise and the blade is lifted from the base. Before beginning disassembly, maintenance, or cleaning on any firearm visually inspect the chamber and magazine to be sure that it is unloaded. Unscrew the cleaning rod counterclockwise. Drift out the front and rear barrel band springs from the opposite side of the stock with a small blunt nail or punch. A hole for this purpose should be visible. These springs are delicate and can be easily broken if pulled out by the leaf.

Remove the nose cap screw and slide the nose cap forward off the end of the stock. The nose cap screw will thread into the top of the cleaning rod retaining nut and can aid in pulling it out of the stock. Screw the firing pin into the cocking knob until the back end is flush with the rear of the cocking knob and the slot lines up with the index mark. After fully assembling the bolt, decock it, make sure the bolt head is tight against the connector bar and check the firing pin protrusion with a gauge.

The firing pin should touch the shallower 75 of the two center notches in the gauge and not touch the deeper 95 of the two center notches. If necessary, adjust by screwing the firing pin in or out of the cocking knob, always stopping with the index mark aligned. A small C-clamp is useful for compressing the rear sight leaf spring. When replacing the front sight be sure to realign the index marks. The M91 barrel bands are not retained by springs, but are held on by tension. The bands are loosened by turning the screw clockwise as if it were being tightened.

The screw is captive to the band and if it is turned too far the wrong way it will break.