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  • Best Selling Business Leadership Books of All Time : Books that You Should Read?
  • 49. Financial Intelligence;
  • The Garden: A Parable.
  • Best Business Books of all Time As Voted By 100 Famous CEOs & Entrepreneurs.
  • 2. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," by Robert Kiyosaki.

Even the old retro Amiga and Amstrad games from the 80s and 90s are coming back in fashion, so virtually anything goes when selling video games. With mobile phones becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of our lives, it stands to reason phone accessories are great items to sell online. Shapewear products are growing in popularity making them fabulous items to sell online. Get a slice of the shapewear action and help women and men walk out with a body they are confident with, by selling the likes of firming torsettes, bodysuits and seamless high leg knickers online.

A whopping 1. Tap into this incredibly popular market by selling watches online. From minimalist designs to traditional watches, there is so much choice and different tastes to appeal to when selling this popular fashion accessory. This highly sought-after and timeless product is hailed as one of the most profitable products to sell on eBay and Amazon. With more than 8, courses being taught to , students, online course and video marketplaces like Udemy make buying and selling courses and videos online incredibly easy and popular.

Alternatively, why not design your own bags? Ever thought on writing a book? Thanks to the arrival of devices like the Kindle and Kobo, eBooks are the most popular item to download digitally. Whether you attach them to your phone for a convenient light in the dark or to your cap when you go for a night-time run, portable lights are an extremely useful product and one that is rapidly gaining momentum in the popularity stakes.

These compact lights are easy to post and can be drop-shipped from the the manufacturer and sold online for a tidy profit. Nobody can resist a beautiful and unique piece of custom-made jewellery. From custom-made engagement rings to a bespoke necklace for your loved one, purchasing custom-made jewellery is a popular way to purchase unique items for bargain prices. Picking a book can be tough, as there are thousands to choose from.

Enter: This reading list.

Top 50 Best Selling Management Books of All Time

We've curated the top-ranked books from Amazon's sales best-sellers. Whether you want to ask better questions, prospect more effectively, lead your sales team, or become an all-around better salesperson, there's a pick here for you. According to a study of thousands of sales reps across multiple industries and geographies, the most successful put their energy toward delivering valuable insights -- not becoming their prospect's friend. Review excerpt : "This is an excellent book, with provocative insights and useful information for salespeople looking for ways to break out of the pack.

CEB's latest research reveals even Challenger salespeople struggle to close without the help of a very specific type of customer stakeholder: The Mobilizer. In this book, you'll learn how to identify Mobilizers, engage them, and work with them to get deals over the finish line. Review excerpt : "What a great follow-up to the Challenger Sale. It provided me with additional insight on how to approach selling to a group of stakeholders. It has real data, real studies and real tactical strategies.

If you're in the B2B space, this book is a must! Looking for a one-stop guide to bringing on new business? Look no further. In this book, Weinberg lays out a proven formula for finding prospects, developing the relationship, and reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. Review excerpt : "I loved the stories, the irreverent tone, and the honesty of this book. But what I appreciated most was that it delivered on its title -- this book really does simplify what you have to do successfully acquire new customers.

Learn how to harness psychological principles in the sales process while simultaneously getting a dose of personal motivation. More than common sense placed into form, it serves as an instructional blueprint -- or as a road map -- to establish, build, grow, and maintain a successful sales career. Hoffeld's advice is based on the latest research in behavioral economics, social psychology, and neuroscience. You'll learn a science-based approach to asking questions, securing incremental commitments, resolving objections, reducing your competition's influence, and more.

Most readers will find the material new, and I expect, quite surprising. Sales leaders aiming to scale their sales team and build a multi-million dollar business should definitely pick up this book, written by former HubSpot CRO Mark Roberge. Review excerpt : "Every company -- regardless of its business and sales strategy -- will absolutely benefit from reading this book. The stories Roberge tells, the way his selling initiatives fit together, the combination of selling and technology he describes … even the use cases he lists make the approach he describes applicable to any sales organization -- however well-entrenched.

Cialdini reveals the six psychological principles that cause people to comply. Once you've incorporated these powerful concepts into your messaging, leading your prospects to say "yes" will be less challenging. Review excerpt : "Whether you are on the selling or buying end of any transaction, knowing what Mr Cialdini discovered through years of research and testing will be to your financial advantage.

But 'Influence' is not just about money. It is a guide to getting what you want or need in a fair and ethical manner. If you're currently working in sales, you're probably well-aware the old playbook doesn't work. Pink offers fresh yet practical insights to modern selling, including how to move others, make your message clearer and more persuasive, and gain referrals. Review excerpt : "No, this is not 'another' book about selling. I've read a lot of them, written a few of them, and I can tell you: This book stands alone in a special category.

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  • Tea with Bea: Recipes from Beas of Bloomsbury;
  • The Science of War: Back to First Principles (The Operational Level of War).
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This book includes more than different ways to close depending on the situation and thought-provoking questions to use with prospects. You'll also find suggestions from a hundred of America's most successful salespeople. Review excerpt : "Ziglar teaches you, from the beginning, that there's no room for success in a salesman's career if he's taking the fast route, making the quick sale, and then locking the door behind him.

Learn how the Starbucks phenomenon was shaped and benefit from the wisdom Schultz gained along the way. The coffee giant's book illustrates how devotion to product excellence and employee satisfaction can lead to exponential success. Review : "This is one of the best books I've read in a long time. It's a how-to book for running a business.

In it, Schultz talks about having a vision and giving more than you promise. Collins' book takes a deep dive into what it takes for good, mediocre, or even bad companies to achieve greatness. Five years of research, 28 companies, and thousands of interviews allow the reader to learn what it really takes for a company to be exceptional.

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Review : "We take for granted the products and services many companies provide, and we pay little attention when these companies fail. Most of all, we don't pay attention to the very basic ideas that cause companies to fail. It's obvious the author put a great deal of effort into picking and analyzing these companies.

One Minute Sales Person - Audio book- Spencer Johnson with Larry Wilson

The ability to hire, manage, and retain great people is a critical skill for executives to have. This book is a comprehensive resource for leaders who want to be better at hiring, promoting, and growing great employees. Review : "This book just oozes with wisdom. From recruiting to evaluations, this is one of the most well-researched and useful books on the market.

There are books out there you wish you'd read earlier, and this one is on my list. Are you doing everything right? Christensen argues your business could still fail. Read this book to glean valuable insights into changing technology and why it's critical to your company's success. Review : "Attention all future game-changers: If you're looking to change the world, you can't follow the world's rules.

This book gives you a blueprint for action. It's a straightforward handbook for anyone dreaming of starting their own business or being their own boss. The takeaway? You can't do it while stuck in traditional channels of business plans, competition, and investors. Review : "Rework was an absolutely fantastic read! I highly recommend it to anyone who plans to start a business.

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The chapters are short but packed with tools that will help you focus on the real priorities of having a sustainable business and work environment. You know that moment when an idea takes off? That's what this book unpacks. Gladwell discusses the changing way people think about selling products and sharing ideas, trends, and social behaviors. Learn how to pitch your own ideas, listen to those of your staff, and be part of the great ones when they take off. Review : "'The Tipping Point' is excellent at providing insight into how large changes can be caused by small ones.

It summarizes three ways an idea can go from insignificant to catching on in a large way. Businesses are filled with people who've worked hard to excel -- but only a handful reach the top. Goldsmith, an executive coach, shares the nuanced behaviors setting them apart. If you're wondering how to make the jump to a CEO or executive role reach for this book now. Review : "As an executive coach, I work with high performers who sometimes wonder why they are stalled in reaching the next level of success. I found this book overflowing with insights I can use in these situations.

Taking on a leadership role can be challenging. But have no fear, this book provides a framework for building better relationships, a successful team, and culture in which your team can grow and thrive. Review : "Radical Candor is one of the most helpful books on management I have read. Not only is the theoretical model caring personally while providing critical feedback incredibly helpful, but there are dozens of practical suggestions and tips on everything from meetings to successfully managing large projects.

This book really does lay out a framework to allow you and your staff to do the best work of your lives. How do you become a successful leader? Adam Grant uses academic studies and stories to illustrate how to recognize a great idea, move past doubt and fear, and build a culture that empowers people to see the world differently.