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Junction Sep 17, Duration: 97m. The combination of politics and art has become a global movement.

Acclaimed Palestinian theatre in Jerusalem risks closure

They act as a form of activism particularly for issues such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Junction 48 exemplifies the Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back! Sep 26, Duration: 56mins. Two Blue Lines. Duration: 99mins. The Idol. Sep 19, Duration: 97mins.

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Duration: mins. Oct 5, Duration: 93mins.

While capturing the growing non-violent movement of young people in Palestine, this film brings a fresh perspective for understanding the realities of Palestinian life under occupation. Come travel Where Should the Birds Fly. Oct 4, Duration: 58mins. We see life in Gaza through the eyes of two young women, Mona Samouni, and the filmmaker, Fida Qishta. Search this site. Downton Abbey. Linda Ronstadt: The Brittany Runs a Marathon. The Mountain. Art from Scott Regan and Steve Piper. Regular Run Openings: Sep.

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Viewpoints on Israeli-Palestinian Theatrical Encounters

Or subscribe? She had held workshops in the occupied West Bank , part of the Palestinian territories disconnected from Gaza, and had attempted several times to get permission for writers in Gaza to travel there. But as an isolated square mile coastal enclave, Gaza is one of the most inaccessible places on Earth as Israel and Egypt maintain a punishing blockade that limits freedom of movement. Many people there have never left, not even to the West Bank — at its narrowest point just 20 miles away. Separately, the Royal Court had attempted to give a residency to Gaza-based artist Nahil Mohana in London, but her visa was refused three times by UK authorities.


Finally, the Royal Court decided to make a short film about the process of working with a playwright whom the director cannot meet in person. Another British-Palestinian performance based at Al-Mishal, At Home in Gaza and London , navigated around the blockade by virtually connecting people in both places via a series of simultaneous performances using live-streamed video feeds on big screens. The centre was so popular in Gaza that their most recent performance had a date clash and had to be held at another theatre.

Choucair-Vizoso says Al-Mishal had a unique work ethic, with rehearsals held with open doors so other artists, musicians and performers could walk in at any time. It is a different way of working. Yet even with money, there are building difficulties due to the ongoing blockade, in which fuel and construction materials are regularly restricted.

Land Swap Is Difficult Proposal for Both Israelis and Palestinians

Unless a building has been taken over for military use, the intentional targeting of cultural property is illegal under international law. Sameer al-Mishal, director general of the centre and a relative of its benefactor, balked at the idea of a militant presence inside the centre, where around 1, people work and volunteer. In , the local Hamas branch cancelled its licence and Al-Mishal could not reopen until The IDF released a photo of the building with a dotted red line drawn around part of the first floor. Al-Mishal said this was a dressing room area behind the stage.

In a statement, the Palestinian Performing Arts Network accused the Israeli military of deliberately targeting Palestinian culture.

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Some residents in Gaza privately suggest a third possibility — that the building was mistaken for another Hamas internal security office in the same area. For Mohammad Obaid, Al-Mishal was a second home. The group lost all their equipment, costumes and a place to train around children who attend programmes during the summer holiday period.