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The cultists had hoped to return the frontier village ofTimbervale, in the shadow of this item to the binding site when the pass was made safe, indomitable mountain range. Some of the cult members stayed able save for one deadly route: Stonefang Pass. Now the titan stirs, causing earthquakes to shake the mountain. All Wizards characters and the distinctive likenesses thereof are property of Wizards of the Coast llC.

This material is protected under the copyright laws of the Unite d States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of th e Coast llC. This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events included he rein is purely coincidental.

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Printed in the U. The Glintshield clan hires the adventurers to expel ments to the characters during the course of the. They must overcome the defenses left in wall Mountains since a devastating civil war a the gatehouse by the ancient dwarves. Once the way is century ago.

Only recently has the clan grown strong clear, the characters must fight their way to the citadel; enough to rejoin the wider world by reestablishing during that trek, they encounter the surviving members Stonefang Pass, a tunnel through the mountains that of the Shadowed Chain cult and discover the danger has been closed since the clan's war. The Glintshield clan claimed it from them long and to collect the fragments of the titan Stonefang, ago and made it a major trade route through the which can be used to weaken and rebind him.

To get to the guests' welcome. The villagers want to see this grim believes there must be some mechanical means happen , but they are neither brave nor foolish enough within it to raise the slab, but he doesn't know for to volunteer.

They 5th-level Major Quest 1, XP. Notte The adventurers complete the quest if they defeat the orcs.

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FOLLr omatdy clothed elders consult with in the pass and kill or rout those on the far side of the pass. One oj rhe elders notices you and points you out to tire crown wearer. Stonefan8 Pass and seek those who canfree our birthriflht ded.

Also, the characters might gain this information by. J hope that YOl l can help. Also, he has had little battle training himself. Rangrim lost eight clan memo bers to stirges "pernicious bloodsllckers with four bat wings" during their night through the pass. Rangrim could not wait for his oath ifhe gave it. Those inducted into the priestly sect If the characters agree to help the dwarves without swear secret oaths and perform mysterious rites.

If they expect a reward for their help, Rangrim almost.. The Severed Eyes orcs are so named because their gleefully sets to the task of bargaining. Negotiating with most powerful warriors often gouge out one of their Rangrim is handled as a skill challenge. They also like to brand their prisoners Complexity: 1 reqUires 4 success before 3 failures. You can also run the skill challenge.. Before the orcs attacked, the Glintshield dwarves more like a roleplaying encounter, calling for checks numbered about strong, but the orcs still had that match the character's actions.

For example, his response to Glintshieid clan's fall a century ago. With the loss of trade, an initial question about a reward might be something there was little reason to travel to or live in Timbervale.

Orcs of Stonefang Pass : An Adventure for Characters of 5th Level -

Diplomacy DC 17 : The character discusses the Population: The citizens keep it clear of ceived insult to Rangrim's honor. A few locals have also Rangrim with knowledge about Stonefang Pass, such as made homes in various partially collapsed towers, or on the likely dangers it holds or construction techniques more distant farms. Great threats cause Intimidate: Use of this skill earns a failure. The Sevryms have excess food and arms Insi8ht DC 17 : The character understands that stored there, making it a good refuge.

Rangrim is desperate and willing to overpay to regain Inns: The Knothole. Although the Knothole is the only the pass, but also that he can't abide the idea that the inn, Lord and Lady Sevrym often invite visiting travelers clan would survive only to be bankrupt. Diplomacy check in this challenge.

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Taverns: The Knothole, Aleg's Ale. The heroes can use this skill successfully only once in this challenge. In addition, he agrees to pay each of them gp against orcs and impresses upon the heroes the for successfully removing the orcs from Stonefang Pass. Failure: If the characters amass 3 failures before When the characters finally reach her hiding place achieving 4 successes, despite their arguments and and find the sendin8 stone, it's clear that Diri has insinuations, Rangrim respects them for asking for a been dead for too long for them to have talked with reward and he still desires their aid.

He offers them anyone but a ghost. The highway After the characters have accepted Rangrim's request, has seen little use in a hundred years except by hunters a dwarfwoman named Hadarra approaches them as and loggers.

Orcs of Stonefang Pass, a review

The cobbled path is clear for several miles they are leaving for the pass. Hadarra saw her cousin outside ofTimbervale as it enters the nearby woods, Flinka get killed by orcs as she was being pulled away but it becomes more overgrown and crumbling beyond by the Shadowed Chain guards who initially escorted that. If the characters haven't tions of it are often missing, having tumbled away in learned of the Shadowed Chain from Rangrim yet, old landslides or been buried by avalanches. The path Hadarra tells them about the "weird cult. The dwarves also left cousin and for the deaths of the other dwarves in the behind camps with excess firewood that the characters pass.

Hadarra warns the characters to be wary of any can use. During the journey, the adventurers will see Shadowed Chain dwarves they meet if any survived , signs of the past, such as the overgrown foundations of but her real reason to approach the heroes is to ask them an old inn, stone bridges across clefts in the hills, and a to retrieve an item of great sentimental value to her. At that pOint, the The adventurers complete the quest if they find Flinka's.

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Flinka and Hadarra used sendin8 stones Player'S Handbook, page to talk to one another. She gives reach the entrance to Stonefang Pass after rounding a her sendin8 stone to the characters to help them find its bend in the road just beyond the bridge. If the characters accept, Hadarra wishes them well and says she hopes they "kill When the characters see the entrance to the pass, every ore in the mountains. Flinka's not brush the ceilin8. The crumbled dwarven ruins near the sendin8 stone then passes up through the ore ranks entrance can't hide the faeL that tltis marvel must! AC ex: fold the map so that only the relevant side is showing.

If one has room to land on the A piercin8 screech eruptsfrom above. YOII look up to see a bridge , it uses divine overrun.

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They use bite to finish off any enemy Perception Check that falls into the water. DC The character spots the hippogriffs' shadows and is not surprised in the first round of combat. A While the hippogriff has a rider of 5th level or higher mounted on. A character can climb the rocky cliff against the rushing waterfall with a DC 20 Athletics check. Effect: The hippogriff charges a Medium or smaller enemy and makes the folloWing attack in place of a melee basic attack.

Special: After attacking, the hippogriff lands in an unoccupied space adjacent to the target. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks. The hippogriff does not provoke an opportunity attack from the target when moving away from it. For generations, it was the only safe and easy passage through the Ironwall Mountains, and thus the clan's holding on the pass and the nearby town ofTimbervale became rich centers of trade.

Then civil war among the Glintshield clan destroyed much of what the dwarves had built and decimated the clan. The war lasted so long that trade routed around it, and by the time the war was ended, the long dark tunnel through Stonefang Mountain had fallen silent. In time, its echoing length became home to various predatory beasts and strange underground horrors.

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In the last century, few have dared to make the journey. Geometric shapes and faux pillars decorate the walls for most of its length, with occasional areas decorated by huge bas-relief carvings of giants. In the places with the giant carvings, the dwarves made their own smaller bas-relief carvings. Although respectful of the giant's artistry in the way they are arranged, the dwarven carvings refute the grand images of the giants by shOWing dwarves slaying giants and freeing themselves from slavery.

Various sized cracks split the carved tunnel walls in places, and cold, drinkable water from the mountain above sometimes trickles down the cracks, streaming across the floor and pooling in low points or escaping through cracks in the floor. You can easily make this distance longer or There are plenty ofinteresting sights and intriguing shorter as needed. The distance between sites in the areas for the characters to explore as they make their adventure is immaterial to the adventure's progression, way through Stonefang Pass.

Most areas are merely so choose distances and travel times that make sense haunting reminders of the past and do not contain for the pacing you want.