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Democracy Threatened: Judicial Independence Under Attack in Poland

His research encompasses a broad range of issues within law, sociology of law and legal theory. He is the author of one of the primary textbooks in Norwegian administrative law, and has written books and articles on European law and its impact in national law, particularly on the division between the market and the public sector. His most recent interest has been in legal argumentation, legal ethics and the judicial role when the rule of law is challenged by authoritarianism.

Judges Against Justice On Judges When the Rule of Law is Under Attack

Professor Graver was Dean of the Faculty of Law until the end of He also has experience from the Ministry of Public Administration. In addition to his university position, Professor Graver has been frequently used by the Norwegian government in law-reform work and in special commissions. He headed the commissions that made the proposal for the Competition act, the act on access to environmental information and the ethical guidelines for the Norwegian Petroleum Fund. He is presently engaged as chair of the commission to propose a reform of the Norwegian court system in children and family matters and in asylum and immigration cases.

Professor Graver has written more than 10 monographs and more than articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes. Some legal experts said Chief Justice Roberts may rue his decision to tangle with the president.

Polish deputy minister resigns over judge trolling scandal

Roberts will invariably be criticized for staying quiet. In the end, the court comes out weaker in this sort of struggle. Until his statement, Chief Justice Roberts had avoided direct confrontation with Mr.

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He was silent during the presidential campaign, when Mr. At Mr.

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