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Opera Android No support No. Samsung Internet Android No support No. Chrome Full support 1. Firefox Full support 4. IE Full support Opera Full support It means the benefits of a flexible layout and the quick, easy web-design which Opus Pro offers, can be combined easily with the power of custom JavaScript.

A walkthrough of the most common HTML elements and how to use them.

You can add the JavaScript action to any trigger in Opus Pro, just like any other action. It is similar to the OpusScript object and is provided on the Programming tab. Once added to your trigger simply type or paste the JavaScript you want to run in the box provided. If you want to create your own functions to call with your JavaScript action you can include these in your Opus Pro publication too.

Simply paste or type your script into the box provided. You can also get information back to Opus variables from Javascript function on your web page whether they are Opus functions or not. In the interactive video example we use a Javascript action to get the current position of the video being played using the currentTime property and put that in a variable called currTime which we have added to our Opus publication in the usual way - see below. We can use the same process to get information we might often want to use on a web page such as the date or the screen width of the device being used - useful for displaying a different page of your content for mobile users.

- HTML: Hypertext Markup Language | MDN

In some instances you will want to use Javascript to access Opus objects. In particular you may want to access information in variables or write custom controls for video and audio objects. Note: Users with versions prior to Opus Pro v9. This allows you to create actions in Opus to access properties of HTML5 components such as the current position of video or tell a sound file to play using the HTML properties details available W3Schools though not all may be appropriate to Opus publication elements.

In this example used in the Peeling Productions showcase publication we have added a Javascript function to the HTML header which gets the current time of a video object called SGInVid on IntroPg page of our publication and returns that value to the script calling the function.