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Catwoman #9 Artgerm Var Signed And Graded Guaranteed (PRE-ORDER) – Artgerm Collectibles

All information on eggs received from farms and eggs shipped to customers must be uploaded into a national database that AMA uses to perform checks and offer traceability to consumers. Poringer uploads traceability information from Ovotrack directly into the AMA database, which saves them a great deal of manual work. The Ovotrack solution was moved over to the new grader and Poringer began using the Ovotrack ECI solution for automatic batch changes.

Operators scan each pallet label and then fix an ECI tag to the top corner of the pallet. ECI tags are read by a fixed scanner on the loader, which activates a batch change on the Moba Omnia. Poringer was the first Ovotrack user to start sending production orders straight from Ovotrack to the grading machine, ensuring all order details are available in the grading machine and the number of labels printed matches the order.

Austria has a sizeable market for colored eggs and Poringer operates one of the largest egg coloring plants in Austria, possibly even in the world. Poringer also uses Ovotrack at this plant. Therefore, we scan every pallet we process, register date and time and coloring machine, and label each case of colored eggs with a unique ID and barcode. At dispatch , we scan the barcodes of each case when we load them for shipping to our customers. All in all, we are very happy with the Ovotrack partnership and the Ovotrack solutions that we use in our egg processing plants.

This again is all speculation and opinion. There is no way of proving this works. I suggest you try it out for yourself. That is truly the only way to learn. Granted this price may be the result of him winning his 5th Super Bowl a month prior but because it was the first one the market after he did, it reaped a huge sale price. Once collectors saw the high sale price for this common Tom Brady card, they started flooding them into PSA for grading.

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The cards are also made of a smooth stock cardboard. These are all qualities high-grade cards have. The white borders prevent any chipping or edge imperfections and the smooth card stock prevents surface damage. Back in March of , the population report must have been entirely different. Buying a raw card and submitting it for grading yourself for practically nothing is a much more cost-effective way to add this card in PSA 10 format to your collection. If you were to submit this exact card today, you might not receive that guaranteed 10 as the population report suggests.

Handing out Mint 9 and 8 grades will result in a more balanced population report. If you are the first to submit a card in a set, your chances improve on receiving a high grade. After a while, nm-mt 8 and mint 9 grades will start showing up. The graders have viewed and inspected the cards already and now know what to look for.

This makes their grades a bit tougher. They have to hand out other grades. Getting the grades you want is out of your hands.

They would just be a tamper-evident case that cannot be opened or closed. My tips and tricks are merely suggestions. They are not guaranteed to work. Sometimes they work and sometimes I get grades that make no sense. This will allow you to experiment with your first submission while also qualifying for bulk submissions.

With a bigger sample to pull from you can get a better idea of what to look for after you get your first or so graded cards. Hi there.

What a great summary! I have a conundrum for you. Is that even a thing? Thanks in advance! Yep, you would have to submit it under the Crossover Submission Type Step 2 and make the minimum grade requirement a If PSA determines the card is a gem mint example then they will charge full price, crack the case and send it back in a PSA case. However, if they determine it is not a gem mint example they will charge full price and send the card back in the SGC case.

To the eye the card is pristine. My issues arise when I view it under an illuminated magnifying glass. Hey Denny, I definitely know how you feel with being on the fence about the Trae Young. First off, if you see visible scratches with a magnifying lamp, the max declared value should be set at whatever a PSA 8 sells for. They most certainly do ding you on the final grade if scratches are noticeable through a magnifying lamp. Now, if everything else is spot on such as centering, edges, and corners then the minor surface issues may be overlooked.

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Thankyou so much for the reply. Hi, Would you cut the seal on any redemption cards that are being sent in?

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I am sending in 4 cards that I redeemed and they all still have the seal on them. Yeah, I would go ahead and cut the seal and put them in a card Saver 1. I would not send them sealed in anything. Hey, what are your thoughts on second opinions for grading? He did a great job of preserving all of his cards. I used a magnifying glass and there are no creases or defects. The corners are not razor sharp, but definitely not rounded or rough. Edges, surface, centering, coloring, etc are all great. PSA gave it a 3. I have broken cases and re-submitted many times with much success. It all depends on the guy grading your card.

If you think it deserves a better grade then I would definitely spend the extra money to get a second opinion. If it comes back a 3. Let me know what grade you end up getting if you do re-submit! Is card saver a must of the toploader will do as well? And for patch auto cards, I guess the toploader is the best option?

DO not submit regular sized cards in anything other than a Card Saver I.

PSA clearly states that on their website. This results in damage, slower turnaround times and potentially a rejected order. For thicker jersey cards that are above the standard size, it is OK to submit in a thick top loader. Be sure to apply a small amount of painters tape to the top to seal it in order to prevent the card to fall out.

Use painters tape. It peels off so much easier. That Is helpful. Thank You.

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Any suggestions on the best way to load a card into the card savers? Seems toght when loading every time I do. You are probably using the wrong card saver. You want the one that says Card Saver I. I have a foil Blastoise from the original Pokemon card set. The card is not bent, but it does have a slight curve. I tried putting it under a heavy book for a month but there was no change. Hey Daniel, you should put it in a penny sleeve and card saver 1 and just submit it to PSA.

But, how big can your curve or bow be? I have this problem that most of my cards that came from the Detective Pikachu card set are curved, some are curved from the face of the card others from the backside. Yes, absolutely send them. Once the cards are in the case, no one will be able to tell they are bowed. The four main grading criteria of a trading card is corners, edges, surface, and centering. Nowhere does PSA say they consider a bowed card to be less than perfect.