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Alan Geer 9 AuthorId : Author. Belay B. Demoz 10 AuthorId : Author. Joseph Santanello 11 AuthorId : Author. David N. Whiteman 11 AuthorId : Author. David D.

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Turner 12 AuthorId : Author. Hide details. Abstract : Our understanding of the distribution of heat and water in the atmosphere still shows critical gaps on all temporal and spatial scales.

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This is mainly due to a lack of accurate measurements of water vapor and temperature profiles - hereafter called thermodynamic TD profiles - with high vertical and temporal resolution, especially in the lower troposphere. The thermodynamics of the atmosphere is the subject of severai chapters in most textbooks on dynamic meteorology, but there is no work in English to give the subject a specific and more extensive treatment. In writing the present textbook, we have tried to fiII this rather remarkable gap in the literature related to atmospheric sciences.

Our aim has been to provide students of meteorology with a book that can play a role similar to the textbooks on chemical thermodynamics for the chemists.

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This implies a previous knowledge of general thermodynamics, such as students acquire in general physics courses; therefore, although the basic principles are reviewed in the urst four chapters , they are only briefly discussed, and emphasis is laid on those topics that wilI be useful in later chapters, through their application to atmospheric problems.

Thermodynamic Potentials.

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Calculation of Internal Energy and Enthalpy. Water-Air Systems.

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Internal Equilibrium. Equilibrium with Small Droplets and Crystals. Aerological Diagrams.

Relative Orientation of Fundamental Lines. Thermodynamic Processes in the Atmosphere.

Dew and Frost Points. Equivalent and Wet-Bulb Temperatures. Conservative Properties. Atmospheric Statics.


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