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Handheld demo.

71th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics

Neat, spontaneous colors. Title Notes Entered Comments.

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Quasi-Karman Vortex Street. This was a first attempt at producing a vortex street.

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Two vortices appear to be shedding off the top of the cylinder and two off the bottom. Efforts at improving the upstream laminar flow and flow rate are also in process. The upstream flow is far from laminar. Much effort has been put into improving this and more needs to be done.

Gallery of Fluid Motion Winners from the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting

Nonetheless, this photo should give one an idea of the flow around this object. More flow separation.

2001 Winner of the Gallery of Fluid Motion: Granular Eruptions

Flow separation fully developed. Note colors coming off the leading and trailing edges. Expect to see more like this.

But there are clearly better ways to make them available other than as downloads from the arXiv or as videos in a room in Long Beach. One obvious option is to make them available on streaming websites such as YouTube andVimeo. As far as I can tell, they are not available like this.

Coexistence of order and chaos in C major

Another is to create a website that showcases them in advance, to make it a global, web-based event. Many of the videos are superb. Not only could they command a bigger audience, they deserve it.

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  • BioFluidix will be present in the Gallery of Fluid Motion?
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  • If plans are afoot to make the Gallery of Fluid Motion a bigger event, then great. If not, shame! Here is my selection of the highlights this year. Remote Control of Moving Sessile Droplets video 9.